Reon Barnard
Reon is a mining entrepreneur and a builder of businesses. He balances his entrepreneurial spirit with intuitive and smart financial investments to ensure sustainable, profitable growth in all his endeavours. Reon's belief that “opportunity is everywhere” - coupled with deep experience and mettle - has enabled him to uncover prospects in untapped areas.
Liran Assness
Liran is an afro-optimist to his core. His deep, specialist expertise was acquired through hands-on experience in mining and industrial businesses. He believes that while anyone can throw money at a simple business to scale up, it takes teamwork, industry experience and strategic decision-making to unlock potential in a complex business or industry.

Strong professional team combining experience and entrepreneurial insights

Tabono was founded by Liran Assness and Reon Barnard, who are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have each built and scaled specialised businesses individually. In Tabono we see the combination of their expertise and entrepreneurial intuition as the alchemy that catapults the growth of highly specialised businesses.

We could be filling our boots.
Doesn’t mean we should.

We don’t want you to trust us with your wallet if:

You give breezy opinions about ESG scores at dinner parties.

You read newspapers while you walk and think ‘China’ and ‘Africa’ are dirty words.

You don’t like shaking hands with someone wearing a baseball cap and combat pants.

You searched for a ‘Live Chat’ to complain about the items in this list (or the fact we don’t have a Live chat)

You only invest in companies that use words like ‘strive’, ‘enable’ and ‘equitable’.

You searched for a ‘Live Chat’ to compliment us about the items in this list.

You ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ social posts you don’t read.

You put a Ukraine flag in your Twitter bio, yet can’t point it out on a map.