The magic of Tabono

Tabono’s portfolio spans Energy, Industrial, Infrastructure, Logistics, Resources and Service sectors.

The million dollar question.

Shaking hands and big boardroom talk is all well and good. But impressive figures can often evaporate under the heat and pressure of what’s really required to resource the right deals, move material and make the money flow.

When we tell you what’s next, it’ll never be all talk and no trousers. We don’t need to go knocking on doors hoping for miracles to convert on breezy boardroom promises. We’ve got the smarts and the operational finesse for turning theory into rapid, real-world returns.  

Tabono’s entrepreneurial spirit is backed by sound financial and operational understanding. Over the years of building mining and specialist industrial businesses and trading in commodities, we have assembled an enviable global network. For businesses with expansion plans, access to our network is pure gold.

As an owner-driven group, Tabono has the agility and flexibility to move quickly when opportunity knocks. We work with the right partner for each situation. We have a network of trusted, experienced and highly regarded partners and we pick the right one for your specific requirement.

Solid Team. Comes standard with deep experience and robust entrepreneurial insights.

Tabono was founded by Liran Assness and Reon Barnard, who are highly qualified and experienced professionals who have each built and scaled specialised businesses individually. In Tabono, we see the combination of their expertise and entrepreneurial intuition as the alchemy that catapults the growth of highly specialised businesses.

Growing your money faster in material and resource trades means parting with convention and avoiding scenic routes lined with red tape. Don’t get us wrong - we’re not about breaking the rules. But we won’t label certain territories as ‘off-limits’ just because market influencers tweet in disapproval of those making investments there. If the resource checks out and the numbers are healthy, we’ll start making the right phone calls.

It’s easy to play with other peoples’ money. But we put our money where our mouth is, and ensure we’re invested in everything we’re offering to our partners, too. We’re not here to make compromises. We’re about finding the path of least resistance to maxing out every last drop of potential earnings for you, and for us - and we make no apologies for that. Neither should you.

Risk is ever-present in business. Tabono’s understanding of specialist sectors ensures that we take calculated risks and a long-term view. We want to know: what can we contribute to an already profitable venture to scale it to the next level?  We unlock maximum value from our involvement in every transaction.

Having done several deals on the African continent, we’ve developed an appetite for challenge. We relish complexity and find it meaningful to work together with all stakeholders for a win/win outcome that allows a deal to deliver its full potential. We’re now applying this mindset beyond our own borders, tapping into global opportunities.