Money does grow on trees

It just takes millions of years of intense geological heat and pressure before it becomes a lucrative, mineable asset. Nobody wants their money growing at a snail's pace. We’ve got the instinct, in-field grit and network agility to connect the right people and resource to those elusive big-money trades.

Company Holdings

The holdings shared below are by no means exhaustive, but serves as a mere illustration of the diverse and exciting businesses we are proudly involved in.
Further, many of our deals are done behind closed doors and cannot be splashed about publicly – but feel free to ask us for more information.
Our reach extends far beyond what you see here, and we continuously embrace new ventures and opportunities to create a thriving ecosystem of success.

Sekta Group

Sekta Group is an industrial holding company with several businesses that operate in the industrial and mining industries in South Africa and across Africa. The business reflects what is possible when strong management teams are backed by investors who provide expansion funding, pooled resources and strategic direction to tackle challenges and grow already profitable businesses into exceptional ones.

Sekta Group is Tabono Investment’s approach in action. We are on the ground and we bring decision makers into the gritty but exciting world in which we work. We get on with being more productive and more industrious. Less talk, more action.

The process of building Sekta Group has been instrumental in expanding our trusted network of partners with whom we have worked. These include legal experts who understand mining as well as other sectors, those with commercial expertise, and equity partners who structure deals to build black industrialists.

Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies

With deep penetration in mining related to fire systems and medical response, Tabono’s stake in Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies is an attractive addition to our investment portfolio, offering us access to additional sectors via their seven businesses. The business covers a range of services related to risk management and mitigation related to fire, including risk analysis, as well as solutions to mitigate and prevent fire risk through fire suppression technologies.

Doshex is Tabono Investments' most recent acquisition, and represents a bold first step into newer territory for the company - tech. Doshex offers its clients a platform technology - more specifically, digital commerce solutions underpinned by continuously evolving next generation technologies. One of its products - Sherlock - was awarded as a Blockchain Trailblazer in the IBM Beacon Award category 2020.

Consolidated Building Materials

Consolidated Building Materials is a construction megagroup based in Gauteng, comprising Drift Supersand and West End Claybrick. This business is perfectly positioned to take up expected growth in the region resulting from the infrastructure project pipeline and South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

Drift Supersand is an open cast mine, currently producing in excess of 2,2 million tonnes of aggregate per annum destined for the building and construction industry. We offer a variety of crushed stone, rock and sand products for the construction industry for application in roads, ready mix, concrete and for stabilisation.We are proud to have been at the forefront of South Africa’s growth and development for more than 25 years.

West End Claybrick & Roofing was established in 1991, and currently produces 15 million roof tiles and 70 – 75 million bricks per annum. We are SABS approved and are proud members of the Claybrick Association of South Africa. A manufacturer of face, semi-faced and plaster clay bricks and a range of concrete roof tiles for the building sector, servicing developers, contractors and wholesalers, we are confident that you won’t find a street in South Africa that doesn’t have a home built with with either a brick or a roof-tile manufactured by us!

Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies
Consolidated Building Materials
Sekta Group